Monday, 4 February 2013

Finished Object - The "Blueberry Meringue" Skirt!

Yay, I have completed my first project from the Colette Sewing Handbook! I posted a plan to make this skirt back in September of last year, but I will make no excuses. I am a busy person and I don't get the chance to sew as often as I would like, and that is that! 

Here is what you need to know:

Fabric: Blue and white polka dot cotton poplin from Spotlight ($3) and unknown white fabric from op-shop
Pattern: Meringue skirt from the Colette Sewing Handbook
Features: Scalloped hem, invisible zipper, lining and pretty blue bias tape on the lining hem
Alterations: I adjusted the scalloped hem to suit the scale of my fabric, and this also meant taking out a bit of width at the hem to avoid a half-scallop at the side-seam! I could have added width instead, but I wanted a straighter silhouette. I also added a free hanging lining. I cut a size 8, then ended up doing a smaller seam allowance at the waist as it didn't look like it was going to fit!! It is still tight through the hips, maybe next time I would cut a size 10...
Notions: 9" white invisible zipper and bias-tape for the lining hem (~$2)
Total price: ~$5.00

There are a 3 main things I would like to improve: the fit, the zip and the scallops. There are horizontal wrinkles across the front, and it tends to ride up, so I think it's a bit small around the hips. I'm also unsure about the darts, particularly at the front, I feel like they don't help the wrinkle situation.The next garment I plan to make is the pastille, so I think I will really concentrate on getting a good fit with that one, but anything I can learn from this skirt would probably be quite helpful! Any comments to help with this are appreciated :)

The invisible zipper isn't perfect. It's not quite invisible, and it bubbles at the bottom. I need more practice I think!! Also, the scallops. There is quite a bit of puckering around that area! I pressed them carefully, but I should have taken more care in sewing them, not to make the points too pointy! Pointy points when sewing become puckers when turned inside out :(

There are some things I'm happy with, too! I like that my original idea came together, and it doesn't look ridiculous! In fact, I think it looks quite cute!

I also am quite happy with the lining, and the blue tape I finished the lining hem with :)

So, overall thought? I like the shape of the skirt, so I may try it again without the scalloped bottom in a plainer fabric. Realistically, I probably won't wear it much. I like the way it looks in the photos, but it really isn't "me" in real life!!

I did have fun taking the photos though :)

Monday, 29 October 2012

Finished Project - Black Swan costume!

Just a quick post with the only sewing I have done recently - a costume for a soiree I attended this weekend! The theme was 'A Celebration of Dance!'

I decided on Thursday night I wanted to come as the Black Swan, based on the costume from the recent movie. I bought 8m of tulle and got sewing!!

The tutu is 8 layers of gathered tulles, sewn on to a pair of underwear! The first 4 were sewn on by machine, but I got worried it wouldn't manage well with the rest so I sewed the last ones on by hand! I found an old black bodysuit, and with some feathers and rhinestones, I was all set!

I ended up taking home the prize for best dressed, too :)

Unfortunately I have to go back to exam study now.... but on the 12th November, I will sit my last exam for my degree, and on the 26th, I will start full-time work for the first time, after 19 years of education :)

While I'm here, a quick thanks to everyone who participated in the Patterns and Postcards swap with me!! It was a whole lot of fun, and I hope you all enjoy your new pattens and magazines. I know I will!

Now wish me luck for my exams, and I will see you on the other side!!!! :D

Monday, 17 September 2012

Postcard Swap - Part 5!!! (Final!)

More patterns for swapping! Once again, see the rules here, and leave a comment if you are interested or need more info! This is my final swap post, and contains all the leftovers, including pants, skirts, and more!

Simplicity 6485

This pattern is complete, with some pieces cut out in a size 8. It includes leotard, pants and a top.

Simplicity 8891

A 'how to sew' pattern for a skirt, with or without suspenders. All pieces are there, in a 27" waist.

Simplicity 6521

A skirt pattern for a 71cm waist. All pieces enclosed, some skirt pieces have been shortened but the cut off pieces are included as well.

Simplicity 7470

A pants pattern for a size 16. cut but complete.

McCall's 6985

Another pant pattern, in a size 14, some pieces cut but all there.

See & Sew 5464

I saved the best for last! ;) This jumpsuit pattern has been cut in a size 8, but all pieces are accounted for.

Whew!! Well, I hope there is something there you like if you are joining in on the swap. I may be hosting a give-away for some of the patterns that aren't swapped, so if there is something you like but you aren't participating this time around, stay tuned :)

Patterns and Postcards Swap - Part 4!!

More patterns for swapping! Once again, see the rules here, and leave a comment if you are interested or need more info! This post is all about wardrobe patterns, or patterns that contain more than one type of garment:

Burda 3762 Swapped with Dashing Marmot

This 'couture' pattern contains a dress and jacket. It is complete, in factory folds, and contains sizes 6 - 18.

Simplicity 6273

This versatile pattern contains pants, shorts, a dress and a shirt. All the pieces are there, though it is cut, and it is in a size 8. 

Simplicity 5927 Swapped with Bohdana

This is a lovely 60's wardrobe pattern, and contains pieces to make the top, dress, blouse, and jacket pictured. It originally contained patterns for 2 skirts, but unfortunately these are missing. It is in a 34" bust.

Simplicity 2871

This poor pattern cover has been torn, see the original here, which includes a dress and coat. Unfortunately, because of the location of the tear, and that it is an unprinted pattern, I have been unable to figure out the size. It is also missing the pieces for the belt and sizing. However, if you are curious, I'll happily throw it in with any other swap-ables for you :)

Style 1296 Swapped with Nothy Lane

This pattern, for a jacket, blouse and skirt, is in factory folds, and is in a size 10.

Simplicity 7040

This 'how to sew' pattern for a dress/jumper and blouse, is in a size 14, and is cut but complete.

Butterick 3824

This pattern for a jacket, skirt, pants and shorts, is in factory folds, and includes sizes 8 - 12.

Still nothing you like? I have one more post to come!!

Patterns and Postcards Swap - Part 3!

More patterns for swapping! Once again, see the rules here, and leave a comment if you are interested or need more info! This post is all about dresses:

McCall's 3252 Swapped with Sew Squirrel

This pattern is complete, for a size 10 dress. The pattern envelope states it is recommended for knits!

Style 1809 Swapped with Weft

This dress pattern is in factory folds, and comes in sizes 6-18.

Simplicity 8404

This 38" bust dress pattern has been cut, and is missing its instruction sheet, as well as the pattern pieces for view 3. View 1 and 2 are still there, though, and it looks simple enough to make if you have sewn a few dresses before!

Simplicity 7579

A 36" bust dress pattern from the 60's. This one has been cut and is also missing a few pieces - the facing pieces and the sleeve piece.

Simplicity 8101 Swapped with CheekyChaCha

Another 36" dress pattern from the 60's, missing the neckline facing pieces but otherwise complete!

Simplicity 7127

Cut in a size 18, but complete, includes sizes 16 - 18.

Burda 7869 Swapped with Nothy Lane

This modern Burda dress pattern is in factory folds, and comes in sizes 6 - 18. 

Simplicity 6489

This dress pattern is cut out, but complete, and is in a size 12.

Butterick 3961

This complete dress pattern is cut in a size 8, and includes sizes 6 - 8.

Vogue 2042 Swapped with Weft

Finally, this dress pattern comes in sizes 12 - 16, and has been cut in a size 16. All the pieces are there, but the straight skirt pieces have been lengthened (cut and spread, with extra paper taped in).

Thanks for looking, I have 2 more lots to post today!!!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Patterns and Postcards Swap - Part 2!

I just finished scanning the next lot of patterns for the Swap!!! Today, I have for you a selection of tops, shirts, blouses and vests. These are all patterns I picked up second hand, so they aren't in perfect condition. They range from almost vintage into almost modern, so I hope there is something that you like!!

Butterick 4274

Complete, but cut, size 10 blouse pattern.

Butterick 4314

Complete, but cut, vest pattern, some pieces cut in a size 12, includes sizes 12 - 16. 

Vogue 7861

Complete, but cut, blouse pattern. Cut in a size 16, includes sizes 12 - 16.

McCall's M4384 Swapped with Nothy Lane

Top in sizes X-small to Medium, in factory folds.

Vogue 7361 Swapped!

Blouse pattern cut in a size 12, missing the piece for the short sleeve (has the long sleeve piece, can probably just shorten this). 

McCall's 8903 Swapped!

Complete pattern for a blouse, cut in a size 10. 

Vogue 9220

Complete, but cut, size 8 pattern for a blouse

Simplicity 8575

Complete, but cut, blouse pattern, cut in a size 10.

If you are interested in any of these patterns, or would like more information, please leave a comment!
Otherwise, look out for the next lot of patterns tomorrow!

Weekend Review & Finished Project - Belle Costume!

I have been a bit absent in the online world recently, and will probably continue to be for a few weeks yet! Unfortunately my reason for this isn't as exciting as Casey's - I just have a thesis due soon, plus a whole bunch of other assignments/tests/other uni stuff to work on...

Meanwhile, my sewing plans were put on hold this week, when I realised I had a fancy dress ball to go to on Saturday night, and no costume!! The theme was animated characters, so, obviously, I went for a Disney princess! Belle has colouring closest to mine, but I have never been a fan of her yellow ballgown, so I decided I'd wear her blue day dress:

Screenshot from YouTube

I bought some old bed sheets and managed to whip myself up a dress and an apron over a few nights. Towards the end, there were many short cuts taken, but it turned up all right if I do say so myself!! I had planned on making a blouse as well, but luckily I found one I already had that did the job. I was running late, so I only managed to take a few pictures beforehand. There might be a few more of me taken by others floating around, I'll see if I can find any :)

I was literally the Belle of the ball ;)

And here is what you need to know:

Fabric: 2 second hand bed sheets (~$1)
Pattern: Dress pattern 8736 from March 1956 Australian Home Journal. No pattern for apron.
Features: The dress has back, waist and bust darts, a round neckline, a gathered skirt and a side zip. The apron is simply a gathered piece on a waistband.
Alterations: The dress pattern was for a 36" bust. I cut it out without adding seam allowances, but added around an inch to the bodice, and cut the straps super long, so I could adjust them before sewing to the right length. I sewed the straps together instead of making the button closure. I ended up taking in the side seams about 2 inches at the bust, tapering to an inch at the waist.
Notions: 1 zipper (~10c)
Total price: ~$1.10

If everyday clothing is cake, and special occasion dresses are frosting, I wonder if sewing a costume is like sprinkles?? Hehe.

Which leads me on to a few links I'd like to share:

See you next time!